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Eliot imagines sailing wild rivers and discovering giant beasts, right there on his block! But he wishes his adventures were real.

Eliot's grandpa, El Capitán, once steered his own ship through dangerous seas, to far-off lands. But he can't do that anymore.

Can Eliot and El Capitán discover a real adventure... together? 

Come find out! All aboard The Greatest Adventure!


A Personal Story

The Greatest Adventure is my first picture book.  Actually, it’s my first any kind of book.  It is a story that is personal to my own, which explores the meaning of adventure through the relationship of a young boy named Eliot and his grandfather, El Capitán.

Like Eliot I grew up in a big city far away from jungles and wild rivers and deep, dark seas.  My notion of adventure was shaped by stories about my father's childhood in the Bahamas.  Stories filled with gliding manta rays and schools of flashing, silver fish.  He told me about looking for sharks with his older brother in a small wooden boat and about swimming in hidden blue holes they found tucked amongst the pine forests, which covered much of their island home. 

I was left utterly enchanted.

And when I grew up, I searched for adventures on my own.  I kayaked with whales, I swam with sharks, and I stumbled upon bears.  I saw mountains rise up straight from the sea, and I visited the turquoise waters of my father's childhood home.  I waded under tropical waterfalls and walked in awe amongst ancient trees.  But something was missing...

The Greatest Adventure is my search for what was missing.  For young or old, if you have always sought adventure in far-flung wild places, then this book might be right for you.

Me and my Pops in Tomales Bay, CA.  Behind us is  The Black Pearl , the inspiration for El Capitán's boat,  The Hispaniola .

Me and my Pops in Tomales Bay, CA.  Behind us is The Black Pearl, the inspiration for El Capitán's boat, The Hispaniola.


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The Greatest Adventure