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"Joyous and brightly colored, affirming the vibrant power of the imagination... Richly satisfying."

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The Greatest Adventure

Photo by Sofi Zermoglio

Photo by Sofi Zermoglio

Book Review:

The Great Adventure

by Sofi Zermoglio

A few days ago I brought home a book fresh out of Scholastic's oven . "The Greatest Adventure" by Tony Piedra . 

In this book I found a bit of everything I look for in a book to share with my little one:

  • A boy in search of adventures.

  • a child with strong family ties.

  • a child capable of creating worlds with his imagination.

  • A child who can cope with a problem and find a way to overcome it.

Constantine loved it. The illustrations are formidable: simple, clean, beautiful, harmonious, sweet.