Book Review: The Greatest Adventure

by Sofi Zermoglio


As the mother of a bilingual son, and a book lover, I try to read my son story books in both languages.

What we usually do is go to the public library and we get several options. So little by little we learn the letters while we fill our eyes with illustrations full of color and life.

The constant battle between technology and what I consider very important, which is the development of creative intelligence, leads me to a constant search for alternatives so as not to give up. It seems like a lost battle, but the one who fights is not dead, that's why I keep taking the time to read to my son. I believe that one of my keys to success is having the ability to travel leagues through images, fables, wit and storybooks.

A few days ago I brought home a book fresh out of Scholastic's oven . "The Greatest Adventure" by Tony Piedra . 

In this book I found a bit of everything I look for in a book to share with my little one:

  • A boy in search of adventures.

  • a child with strong family ties.

  • a child capable of creating worlds with his imagination.

  • A child who can cope with a problem and find a way to overcome it.

Constantine loved it. The illustrations are formidable: simple, clean, beautiful, harmonious, sweet.


Eliot is a happy, adventurous child, full of imagination. 

The Captain is his grandfather, who returns home after living incredible adventures throughout the world and who is transmitted to little Eliot, the desire to live his own fantasies himself. 

A book that invites you to leave the concrete city to get reacquainted with nature, and above all, remember the importance of not giving up.

In short: it is a simple and simple book, which highlights the importance (invaluable) of the family, creativity, the ability to excel. Beautiful.


In passing, between pages and drawings, between flights and adventures, I'm still looking for inspiration for the illustration of the book I'm preparing for my son and his friends. #Vicente